All I want for Christmas is an awesome vacation

All I want for Christmas is an awesome vacation

This will be our first brick and mortar holiday rush and we’re already gearing up!  Not really by choice.  We thought we had plenty of time, but as I was heading to dinner after a festive early night of trick or treating with the grandkids on Main Street, I saw the craziest and most outlandish thing……. Christmas trees and holiday lights in the windows of our retail colleagues/competitors.   They’ve got trees, lights, tinsel, and even holiday signs.  Holy sh*t!  Did we miss something here because it was Halloween, literally October 31st.  Just as they removed their pumpkins, the holiday festivities began.  We were late to the party and I guess we missed the menu of years passed where retailers are practically expected to bust out the holiday decor earlier and earlier every year.  Why?  Who knows, but we’re not getting caught with our pants down.

After seeing this, I made a frantic call to Robyn expressing our need to get the holiday decorations up.  We’re only one day late and it’s possible no one else noticed.  My first trip was $1k of holiday “stuff”.  I’m a go big or go home kinda gal. The only thing I can think of is Chevy Chase and the insanely over-decorated house.  Is it wrong that I feel compelled to go totally overboard?  Doesn’t matter now!  It’s happening!

When you drive by or come in, we want you to have the full holiday shopping experience.  Outside of spending unreasonable amounts of money, there is something really special about shopping on Main Street this time of the year.  It smells welcoming outside, the cool air is giving gentle kisses…. It’s just perfect!  Scarves, jackets, socks and holiday decorations, I’ll take two!

This is our FIRST of many holiday seasons in the retail business and we hope you love what we’ve done and we really hope that among your many choices, you shop with us this season!  Stop in for some wine while you shop or just take in the wonder of the holiday.  Just don’t forget your wallet because we’ve got some amazing things that you’re going to just love!  

we appreciate your support and we welcome the holiday season with open arms!


Theresa XOXO


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