The much-loved Sports bra & creator of the uniboob

If I had a dime for every woman entering the store sharing she actively wears only sports bras,  I’d probably have enough to retire.  

What is it with sports bras?  When did comfort completely supersede shape & appropriate placement of breasts?  Did we stop caring about uniboob & the other unsightly issues that come with wearing a traditional sports bra?  

The only logical conclusion I can surmise is Covid-19.  The virus of isolation where woman across the globe had to become everything all at once, all from home, behind a tiny computer screen.  Here the love of the sports bra grew, as the Gone are the days of uncomfortable undergarments. Women have moved on and the sports bra; the uniboob maker has taken center stage.  

I am here to share the greatest and best kept secret- There are actually BRAS on the market today that are comfortable like your beloved sports bra, but they do some heavy lifting (and separating).  You read that right, we’ve got real bras that are actually comfortable.  Though you might’ve grown attached to going al naturelle, you might also recall the days where those beautiful boobies were lifted, separated and perched perfectly atop your chest.  Those days are not behind you.  

We’ve searched the globe and finally found exactly what you want.  Go ahead and say your goodbyes to that good old sports bra.  

Sexy called, and “they” want your boobs back.  Come in for your professional bra fitting and you’ll leave a new woman-we promise!

Happy REAL BRA shopping 🛍 


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