Top reasons you hate your bra

Top reasons you hate your bra

Are you one of those women who have found yourself living in a sports bra?  Post-quarantine, this seems to be the new norm and if you fit that category of “anti-underwire” women, you’re certainly not alone.  

Many women have traded style for comfort, but in the throes of comfort does come some unwanted consequences and it’s the part of aging breasts that we all (or most of us) hope to avoid-The dreaded SAG!  Of course, there’s no body shaming here, if that’s your jam, that’s totally cool, but if we look at the multi-billion dollar cosmetic surgery industry, it’s probably safe to assume that most women want those perky, separated, round breasts like the ones we see on tv.  

Sure, surgery is an option for some, but there are definite obstacles to having surgery starting with the cost and the down time.  I’m a working mom and I put off having a routine dental cleaning every 6 stinking months because I “don’t have time”.  I definitely don’t have time to surgically enhance my boobs.  

The alternative is simple-A damn good bra!  The RIGHT bra will take the sag and turn it into “hot damn girl”!  You know that INE bra we’ve all owned that made them look like perky perfections.  No matter the age, size or sag, you CAN have that again with the right bra.  You don’t need to toss the sports bra just yet, but the right fitting bra is not only going to look good, you should hardly notice it’s there.  Yes, I mean underwire too!  If you feel your underwire, you bend over and your breast spills out of the cup, your band is creating unwanted “back or side boob” or your straps aren’t staying put or they’re gouging your shoulders, then your bra doesn’t fit! Let me say that again-your bra doesn’t fit.  

You should have a bra fitting every 6 months because let’s face it, our bodies change drastically over the course of 6 months and that means boobs too!  Come in for a FREE fitting or if you’re pressed for time, we can offer you a virtual fitting and get you into the right bra that feels as good as your sports bra but does some heavy lifting!  




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