What to expect from a bra fitting.

What to expect from a bra fitting.

If you have never had a professional bra fitting, the thought of it might be off putting, or downright terrifying.  I have to admit, I was definitely nervous my first time, but I was quickly put at ease once I realized it wasn’t what I thought it would be.  Believe it or not, I’m actually really modest when it comes to being “exposed” and like many, I can let my self conscious head talk influence my decisions when it comes to being vulnerable.  

A bra fitting is much more simplistic and while there is an element of exposure with your bra fitter, it’s probably not what you think.  

First, your bra fitter has also been fitted, many times.  As a matter of fact, we often use each other to train newbies. Nothing like meeting new co-workers in a dressing room full of shirtless women.  That’s a post for a different day. 😂 

Here’s the skinny;

Before your appointment, feel free to do your normal routine, leaving perfumes or body lotions out of your normal regimen.  If you’ve been doing something that would cause you to build up a sweat, take a quick shower to rinse down, forgoing your lotions and perfumes for your fitting. 

When you arrive, your bra fitter will take a few minutes to get to know you, your preferences and go over whatever expectations you may have about your experience including the exact elements you want in a new bra.  This will help to narrow down your style options, giving your bra fitter a more narrow focus. Though it should at least be said that you may fall in love with a style you weren’t prepared to like.  I get the old, “I don’t do underwire” comment at the start of a lot of my bra fittings, but it’s my job to show you things that you might be quick to dismiss.  This is where a fitting starts to become a valuable tool towards the right bra. Remember, we are experts and it’s our job to know our products and give you insights that you wouldn’t have without us contributing.  It’s also true that some of you may have experience with so-called bra fitters from chain stores.  We’re not the same, trust me.  

Back to bra fitting;

Once you are ready to get started, your bra fitter will walk you back in the fitting room and she will probably offer you coffee, tea or sometimes wine, depending on the time.  She will then direct you to the waist length, silky robe that hangs beautifully on the wall, waiting for you.  From here, you will be asked to remove your bra and blouse and replace it with the robe hanging.  Your bra fitter may provide you with a sealed body wipe to remove any lotions, perfumes or sweat before you start the bra fitting.  This step is one that I do take when it’s necessary, especially for perfume.  I happen to be in the middle of peri menopause, welcoming the opportunity to give myself a wipe down.  Hot flashes are literally the work of the devil.

Once you’re changed, it’s time to get started with your fitting. Your bra fitter will now join you and in most cases, she will begin by taking a couple basic measurements.  I am a more experienced bra fitter therefore, I don’t typically take breast measurements, because many women I fit have lost breast volume.  Life happens and after breast feeding my children and fluctuating weight, my breasts have lost their oomph.   It’s hard to measure “oomph-less” breasts.  Your fitter may do both measurements-one around your rib cage and a second measurement around your breasts and across your nipples.  Again, if you’ve lost volume, this won’t be an accurate measurement.   Therefore, the visual method for me works best.  You may also be asked for your measurements before removing your personal bra just so things are relatively set in the right place.  This may also be the point where some women start to feel uncomfortable or apprehensive.  Your bra fitter will do everything possible to ease any discomfort and help provide you a positive and uplifting experience.

Next, your fitter will go out and collect the bras she thinks will work best for you to try on & ultimately purchase.  Your bra fitters expertise will help her discern which bras to have you try on, but you’re a huge part of this process.  Ultimately you have the final say.  Our primary goal is for you to love the way your bras fit.  No one wants you to leave with bras that are just “MEH”.  

Most bra fitters will bring 5-10 bras back into the fitting room for you to try.  I personally place each bra on my customer.  This reduces the chances my client will break a sweat and frankly, it moves things along for women that are generally too busy to fit a bra fitting in to their average schedule.  In the event you are my customer,  I’ll stand you in front of the dressing room mirror and I’ll remain behind you while I place each bra on you, one at a time.    I remain behind my customer until the bra is completely on.  Once it’s on, I instruct my customer In the steps they must take to get themselves comfortably positioned into the bra, while I smooth the back and sides and test for fit.  Some bra fitters do the “shifting” themselves.  I don’t because I feel it’s important for my customer to know how to get into their bra the right way.  There’s more to putting on a bra than just putting it on. As we get older, our breast tissue spreads out and our bodies change.  This is one step most women miss and it’s probably the most important part of the bra ritual.

By this point in the fitting, most women are completely comfortable and the “worst” is behind them.  We do this 5-10 more times, discussing the pros and cons of each bra, eliminating those styles that are a hard no,  setting the “yes’s” in their own pile.

Most women I fit are not wearing the correct size and are therefore opposed to underwire or other bra details that will be very uncomfortable when you’re in the wrong size.  Once you’re fitted, your top 3 favorites should feel like they were made just for you.  This is where women who hate underwire may want to reconsider.  In the right size, any bra style should be comfortable to wear. 

The correct sized bra will change your life, honestly!  Something as simple as a perfectly fitted bra will improve your confidence, your posture, relieve back pain and give you that sexy, tailored look.  It will also make you look thinner around the chest and waist!  Happy bra shopping!

If you have any questions or concerns about the bra fitting process, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to answer you promptly!  Don’t put off your bra fitting anymore!  You got this!


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