About Us

We are a mother/daughter team with a shared desire to bring something meaningful to our community.  Both working long, exhausting hours at our brick and mortar jobs, things changed drastically at the start of the Pandemic.  Closure after business closure was the new norm.  Businesses trying any strategy they could to shine just enough to be “essential”, never quite making the cut.  Meanwhile, we continued to work, feeling more and more isolated and depressed.  We went from a morning routine that included hair and makeup, to something that took the appearance of a lazy weekend in pajamas.  Slowly our outlook began to change and life felt a little too quiet and lonely.
We longed for a family outing with everyone over talking each other at the table.  We missed those quick runs into our favorite thrift store and most importantly, we missed having a reason to get dressed, feel pretty and engage our community without a mask.  During this, we decided we’d open a retail store.  Of course, it has taken many forms since we first began, but our efforts have always been driven by supporting women in our community ti look and feel their best.  Retail therapy is a real thing and our collective efforts are where we scream from the rooftops that you are not alone.  
We are just two ordinary, sometimes slightly vulgar but very real and transparent women. who love the opportunity to share in the confidence and excitement that comes with apparel and intimates.  
We are a reflection of our attire.  When we look sloppy, we feel sloopy and when we look our best, a woman is transformed with poise, confidence and she puts her best foot forward. We don’t sell clothing, we sell confidence and let’s face it, we could all use a little more of that.
Owning a women’s boutique was never something we expected to do, but there’s nothing that compares to it and that feeling we get when a woman walks out of our store feeling a sense of importance, sexiness and beauty.  We 💕 love every minute we can do what we do and as long as you continue to support us, we think we’ll stick around a while.  
We love and appreciate you, even if we’ve never met.  We are all part of the same community, the same network and we all wake up every morning wanting to put our best foot forward.  When you come into our store, you’ll always be greeted like family.  Thank you for the opportunity, we hope to do you proud.  
Thank you for your support! 

Theresa & Robyn XOXO