About Us


We are a mother/daughter team, unified by our love of junk [or shi* if you follow the play on our business name ;)].  We began our journey as extraordinary dumpster divers, never leaving the “good stuff” behind for landfills. We see purpose and vision that others easily overlook, but not us!  Maybe it’s a gift, maybe it’s a curse, but it’s definitely a family thing and it extends to all of us, even the kids! We love to dig in dumpsters, and it feels like we hit the lottery when we find a solid piece of furniture or something useful that we can repurpose or paint and bring new life to an old, drab piece of "trash".
We are always compelled to do a little inconspicuous recon when local areas offer curbside trash removal and in the wee hours of the morning and night, we can usually be found scouring the internet for all the "free" practically free or unloved items. We are also a sucker for oddities and cool vintage clothing. We honestly have a hard time believing some of the things that get thrown in the trash.
Of course, we had to find a place for all the stuff we collect and voila, Full of Chic was born. That’s where the real story behind our obsession begins, but it has certainly changed a lot since the good old days of dumpster diving. Our very humble start began "officially" during the early days of Covid. Like many of you, we felt a sense of loss and sadness over the extreme isolation and refinishing furniture was a pastime that allowed us to find joy in something. Let's face it, those early days were pretty scary and if nothing else, it was really unpredictable. We decided to use our time in isolation to paint, refinish, collect and get back to our artistic interests. Looking back, that was a beautiful opportunity that surfaced amidst complete chaos. We will always think fondly on our efforts, and we are grateful that so many of you have followed our journey since the beginning.
No great story comes without a lot of behind-the-scenes support and we are no exception to that. We have such a great group of friends and family and frankly, our community has taken every opportunity to support and encourage our efforts. It's heart-warming, truly and we feel extremely blessed to be so fortunate. We are also a collective group of family members, each touting a unique talent in some type of artistry. Among us are painters, resin pourers, quilters, wood burners, wood workers, macrame, web design, cosmetology, etc. You get the point- we are a talented family, and we all share our love for artistry in one way or another. In January 2022 we opened our very first brick and mortar location. Our interests have expanded so much since our furniture painting days and frankly, we couldn't be more thrilled to just roll with it. We offer a full line of women's apparel and accessories, home furnishings and decor, textiles, and we have utilized the many talents in our community to fill our store with local artistry. We have candle makers, jewelry makers, and many more talented folks in our area that have chosen to partner with us. When we make purchases, we are selective about WHO we are buying from. The more empowering the company, the more likely we will buy from them. We support minority and women-owned businesses, those that are not on Amazon and Made in the USA whenever possible. Our family and friends continue to contribute to our business model and with any luck, we are hoping to grow and expand into other areas where our community will benefit from our future interests.
We appreciate your patronage so very much and we hope our little store becomes a household store in the community and that we are able to serve you for many years to come. Our commitment to you is that we will always strive to honor our community and local economy first. We will do our very best to buy responsibly and ethically while maintaining affordability and quality. If you think we can do better or if you have suggestions, shoot us an email. We are always open to suggestions!
We are so happy you're here. Please stop in and say hello and don’t forget to follow us on social media and for goodness sakes, bring your checkbook :) j/k (not really)
Theresa & Robyn XOXO